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How To Tell If the Windows Firewall Is On

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 31 Dec, 2010 00:00:04

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There are lot of security threats roaming in the cyberspace nowadays, so we better have the best protection to resist spy ware, malicious ware, and computer or internet viruses. Now, to protect you from impending PC and system disasters, you would need to install or add firewalls on your computer. Yes, that’s right! You may need to use firewalls to protect your computer from invasion and intrusion. In addition, firewalls from third parties will give you a warning that the function is not running, while reading the system-built Firewall from Windows is harder.

For you to make your life easier, you may need to follow some pointers on keeping your Windows Firewall running which can save both your files and your system at the same time.

Firewall checking

The settings management option is visible once you are in the Security Center of Windows. You’ll be alerted when the firewall is active through a green light. On the other hand, you need to click the On option when you see a red light that indicates you are not connected.

Windows Security Center Opening

There are two ways for you to open the window for Windows Security Center. You are not getting the full information in spite of the fact that your taskbar signals that your firewall is inactive. All you need to do is go to Control Panel after clicking the Start button for additional information. You may click the button for Security Center as soon as the window opens. Otherwise, choose Run, and in the box type firewall.cpl after clicking on the Start button

Taskbar checking

For you to see the small red shield symbol, you may look at the bottom-right place of your screen from which you may click on it once you see it to know if the firewall you have is inactive and not running.

Now, you’ll have the best options on keeping your computer free from dangers and unknown risks. By following the guides stated you can be sure that both your internet and PC system is protected and secured. Needless to say, you can also do regular checking on your system if the firewall program is active and running. You need not to be so confident, most especially if you know that your firewall is malfunctioning or is off. You have to be sure that your computer protection is always on guard to resist outside dangers.

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