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What is a Blog?

by: Artheliza Near | 18 May, 2010 17:07:39

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A blog is a private record. On a daily basis stage. A mutual breathing space. A opinionated matter and breaking-news outlet. A set of links. Your own personal thoughts. Like a world memos. Whatever you want to say you can write is down and boost you emotions. No one will stop you from writing your blogs. It is a site where you can write and post simple stuffs. Even on a very simple way. Since Blogger was lunch in 1999, they already reshape the site. Even journalist, politics and millions of people have the right to voice it out and share with others.

It’s nice to have a blog. If you don’t have someone to talk to or you’re so depress of whatever things happened in you life. You can always write it down and voice it out using the blog. Normally people who have blogs are those people who don’t have anybody to talked to and don’t want to be judge personally. On this site no one will stop you to say what you want to say. To give political opinion or even a simple disputes. You can do it like a diary everyday. You can write what happened to you everyday of your life.

 They can read and reply to your blog. But they can’t stop you to write. You can have some friends in blog as well. Who feel the same thing and same opinion. You can share things you both agree to or you can have advise from some bloggers. Being one of them is really like a contentment in you part. Because you will be able to share and write things you don’t normally say to others. Even family members. In this site you can have family as well, adviser, consultant and even a partner. For me being a blogger is like something that can makes me relax and comfortable of writing what I want to write.

Every time I write my blog. I am so excited because here’s my time again to write what I want and to give my own opinion. You can feel the same way. All you need is to be part of the blog site, Sign up an account and start your blog. Do it in daily basis and one day you will realize that you life change. Your personality change and the way you treat people. Just a piece of advise. You also have to listen to somebody’s opinion. Remember this line. “We have 2 ears and 1 mouth we can listen twice as much as we speak”.

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